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Neendoor is a small beautiful major developing town in the Kottayam district ,Kerala. Neendoor has as its borders the towns of Kaipuzha, Athirampuzha, Kallara, Manjoor, Vechoor, and Onamthuruthu. Kottayam town is 16 km north and Ettumanoor town is 6 km north east of Neendoor. Geographically It is situated at 8°40′42″N 76°30′20″E / 8.67833°N 76.50556°E.

Most of peoples in neendoor are farmers. Rubber and rice are the major cash crops. Up until late 70s rice was a major crop. However, in the last several decades, cash send in by expatriates play a huge role in the local economy. And obviously Neendoor is a fast developing village in Kottayam district.